FARM SHARE- Spring 2018



This is our third year with an abundance of fine products that we can offer throughout the year. We are very thankful for our farm market customers.


By offering a paid upfront option, we are able to pass on to our customers a whole sale price listing for our exceptional products directly to our families. All our products are natural, no preservatives, no pesticides, hormones, or additives. Our flavorings are natural. We use only natural sugars and Kosher or sea salt. We look forward to serving you and your family throughout the year. During both sessions we will be offering holiday specials to assist you with finding just the right treat for that special person.


All proceeds will go directly to the feeding, maintenance and management of our farm, since winter months are especially challenging. We strongly hold to our commitment of Feeding the Spirit, Educating the Mind and Preserving the Community through bridging the gap between the urban/suburban community and the farm.

Order directly through our online Farm Store.  Go to Store on top ribbon.  

Go to Dairy & Eggs.   Drop down list to Farm Share 2018--- Ordering and description of products