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Internships at Flint Hill Farm Educational Center!  3 interships open for 2018!   Come join the Fun with us!! 

Flint Hill Farm Educational Center, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 Agro-Educational Center located on Flint Hill Farm, a 28 acre preserved farm in Coopersburg, PA.  The Educational Center offers year round Dairy internship programs open to individuals 17 yrs. old and older.  We have had the pleasure of successfully offering Cheese Making/Animal Husbandry Internships from 2011 to the present.  Our graduates have gone on to follow their dreams in some of the following venues:  running their own dairy farm business, employment in various aspects of the hospitality trade, traveling and purchasing cheeses for international cheese buyers, organic food production and preparation, and creation of various kinds of artisan home cheese production models.

The Intern’s experiences will cover the following areas during their time at Flint Hill.  Our present dairy herd consists of 4 Jersey cows, 14 Alpine does and 2 bucks and 2 East Friesian ewes. Hands on milking skills for goats, sheep and cows will be taught.  Seasonal changes of milk, effects of weather, feed, lactation and breeding cycles help develop awareness of natural conditions that effect the taste and production of cheeses and other dairy products.

Some of the topics covered during the Cheesemakers/Animal Husbandry Internship are as follows:

1.       Cheese making- theory and practice for soft and aged cheeses

2.       Yogurt-classic and smoothies

3.       Packaging and labeling

4.       Marketing both at the Farm Store and through local Farmer’s Markets

5.       Community Education

6.       Political Awareness and Action

7.       Livestock health assessment- hoof care, famacha scoring, parasites testing, medications

8.       Livestock handling- cows, goats, sheep, horses.  Use of horse power for farming

Requirements are as follows:  

Ability to lift 20lb.

Obtain PA child abuse clearance prior to starting

Ability to walk one mile without difficulty

Good personal skills with the public

Reliable transportation to the farm

Ability to commit to 3- 8 hr days per week and one 4 hr block for 3 months- days flexible


Desire to enjoy the farm with us, have fun and make good cheese!

Chickens, Cheesemaking, Herd management for cows and goats, Schools and Agro-Educational experience!! Call for information 610-838-2928




Thank you to Laurie for 2014                                        Thank you Melanie  2015                                          Thank you Hanna 2016-217


Laurie's Intership story 2014:

After spending 17 years living in downtown Chicago, I was the last person you would expect to live on a farm. But I felt something pulling me toward learning about a simpler life, one that made more sense with the rhythm of the day and of the seasons. Flint Hill Farm was an easy choice, with its commitment to education, and the dairy production. You have to be careful what you say - I always used to say "one day, I'll live on a farm and make cheese!" At the time, it was just a casual comment; a silly joke. Little did I know!

I became the cheese intern at Flint Hill and lived on the farm from August - December 2014. To say it changed my life is a huge understatement. I'll never forget my second day on the farm, when the owner, Kathy, was showing me how to milk the cows. She finished with the first one, let it out of the stanchion, and said "ok, take her back & get another one.”  GET ANOTHER ONE? Another COW?  Did she just tell me to GET A COW?? Well, Kathy is not a person you say "no" to. So I proceeded to take the one cow back to

 the enclosure  (really, she took me - cows are creatures of habit, she knew where she was going, so I just followed & said "c'mon" a few times so it seemed like I was in charge). When we arrived, 4 other cows looked at me disinterestedly as they continued munching on their hay. (To tell you the truth, I was relieved that they were disinterested - I don't know quite what it would mean if they WERE interested!) So I did the only logical thing a person would do when asked go get a cow; I said "ok, let's go! Who's next?" And sure enough, one of the cows started moseying towards the barn. Unreasonably proud of myself, I trotted in behind the cow, proclaiming to Kathy, "Here she is!"

After that, anything else I learned on the farm seemed like a piece of cake. I would milk the goats in the morning, then spend all day in the Milk House making cheese. How could it get any better than that? The days were long, but I loved what I was doing, so it didn't seem like such hard work.

One thing that really surprised me was that I was constantly meeting people. I had thought I would be somewhat isolated, but the farm was alive with people, from the volunteers who took care of the animals, the beehives, and the greenhouse, to the families who visited for the educational programs, to the visitors who enjoyed all the farm had to offer during the farm stays.  Through my contacts on the farm, I got a job which still seems like a dream to me - working with artisan cheese makers all over the world to bring their products to people.

Laurie Ann Foote


Hanna Walker intern 2016-2017                                            

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Working at Flint Hill Farm as the cheesemaking intern was a great experience.  I would like to have my own farm one day and and this was my first step to getting there. I learned everything from milking the cows, goats and sheep to packaging and selling dairy products at farmers markets. My favorite part was working with the animals. It is a great feeling when everything goes exactly how you planned and all the animals go exactly where they are supposed too.  I also had the pleasure to halter train some calves and sheep. Seeing the outcome of the work I put into those animals makes so much of a difference when they need to be milked or vet checked.

I wasn’t so sure how well I would do with the cheesemaking, I haven’t really had any experience with cheese other than eating it.  After making various cheeses I found out that it is quite fun to see milk become cheese, especially when it is the milk that you yourself got from the cow that same morning. Some of the cheeses I made were cheddar, mozzarella, and chèvre.  I learned how to make other dairy products as well, such as yogurt, kefir and buttermilk.  It is amazing to think that different breeds of cows can make different tasting cheese.  For example Jersey cows have way more cream in their milk and because of that their cheese tastes a lot better than from some other breeds like holsteins. After working on the farm for about a year and working with lots of different animals I figured out that I would like to have a sheep dairy farm so I can continue making cheeses.    

Hanna Walker     

Internship, apprenticeship offered at Flint Hill Farm Educational Center 2018

COME BE A BUILDER OF HEALTH AND WHOLENESS!   2 Educator  Internship Positions available.    Be the one who plants the seeds that will grow into a harvest of lifechanging dreams for others!

Flint Hill Farm Ed is a non profit Educational Center located on Flint Hill Farm, a 28 acre preserved multifaceted working farm in Lehigh County, Upper Saucon Township, PA.  We run a Certified Raw Milk Goat and Jersey cow milk Dairy that sells its products year round through two markets, on site sales and opportunities at local hospital cafeterias and colleges. We also run a year round educational program for the local school districts and vocational schools, summer horse camp and farm camp during the months of July and August, and a year round riding lesson and community educational programs (See Farm Activities)  Summer Farm Educator Internship Position:  Community outreach- Farmers Market/ Summer Farm Camp Educator.  

Cheesemaking Internships

The Educational Center offers cheesemaking internships 3 times a year for a committment of 3 months intensive immersion.  New this year!  We were donated a 28' 2008 Sport travel railer with queen size bed, full kitchen, full bath, living area and air conditioning! Housing offered with somw internship options.

Farming Internships for older teens and adults with special needs: 

Flint Hill Farm Educational Center has presently one adult intern developing his chicken/egg business in collaboration with his family and SPINN.   Ben has been a volunteer at Flint Hill Farm Educational Center for two years.  He has independently been responsible for collecting and washing our eggs for market. This year in collaboration with the SPINN Program, Ben and his family have purchased Ben's starting flock and his mobile chicken house.  He is moving toward taking responsiblity for caring for his own flock and selling the eggs he collects from his own chickens to a local restaurant.  Wishing you well, Ben, in your new venture!!!  


Alec came to Flint Hill Farm Educational Center  in 2006 as part of his Kutztown HS farm experience.  He returned in 2012 learn the basics of chickens and egg production to begin his own business "Alec's Eggs".  In the spring of 2013 Alec's grandfather built Alec his first mobile chicken house. Alec started his flock by purchasing 12 layers.  While at Flint Hill Farm Educational Center, he independently cared for his flock, collected and washed the eggs and in the first year sold his pastured eggs at the Lower Saucon Farmer's Market and to family friends.  In the fall of that year Alec moved his business to his home where he has increased his flock and now sells weekly to Blue Sky Cafe, Bethlehem, PA!  Another farmer in the state of Pennsylvania moving toward his goals!! Congratulations!!!!


Farming internships for individuals or families desiring to move towards aquiring goats, cows or chickens. 

We are members of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Southeast Region Representatives for PA Women in Agriculture, Lehigh Valley Horse Council and the Farm Bureau. At present we are coordinating with the NDRC and our local Forester to create a Woods and Pasture walk through our back pastures and 6 acres of woodland.  The Penn State Extension Center has assisted us in planning for a number of educational community programs to run through this calendar year.

Please call to discuss your educational goals and how we can help you move forward to reach them.  If you can committ to the Educational Center for a period of  3 to up to 6 months for 20 hours a week, we would be happy to have you come for a tour.  All our interns have moved into employement in the agri-business spectrum over the past 3 yrs.  We can assist in networking after completion of the program.

Three references required.

Flint Hill Farm Internship Program Documents:

Responsibilities and Requirements
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Intern Application
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Contact: Kathleen Fields
or call 610-838-2928