Rag Rug Weaving for Adults

 Rag Rug Class with Ms Sandy

This will be a two part course.  both parts will take place on the same day.  Please bring a bag lunch.

During part 1 of the course, participants will construct a loom of their choice.  Options include a small loom (placemat sized) or a large loom (rug sized).  You will need to let Sandy know which size you prefer prior to the beginning of class so that the materials can be purchased.  Construction will take approximately 1 hr of class.

During part 2 of the course, participants will prepare their loom and begin weaving.  Instrucions will be given on all phases of rug making, and hand-outs provided for home use.

Students will need to bring a bag of scraps equivalentto or greater than a queen-sized sheet (thrift stores are a great resource), or more.  Strips will need to be cut into 2" width strips (you can do this during the course if you prefer).  Fabircs work best if they are similiar weight.  Discarded clothing (rags) work well if the fabric isn't too thick.  Please bring along your own pair of sharp scissors.

Course cost: $35.00 (includes material for loom)  Minimum of 10 students

Please register by July 1st and indicate the size of loom you prefer.