Girl Scout /Boy Scout tour options

Over night or tour Options:

1.        Overnight camping with tents they supply

2.       Bonfire area weather permitting

3.       Camping in wood lot or on grass area around Greenhouse

4.       GS horse related badge with Ms. Kim

5.       AM chores- egg collection, feeding chickens and ducks,  assisting with pony turn out and feeding, feeding calves, goats and sheep (babies in March and April)

6.       Grooming Belgian Draft horses.

7.       Blacksmith Demonstration on the working forge _separate charge to go to blacksmith - $5.00 extra per person

Cost $50 per person for numbers 10 and over.  Thank you again for your interest. 

Please set up a tour with me.  Would love to have you!  Kathyer night camping and speciality tours available.