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 Cream Cheese-Tangy
Soft, spreadable cream cheese with GREAT tangy taste!  Made from our Cow yogurt.  Mix i..
 Cream- Fresh Cow Top
Cream from the top of the tank prior to making cheese!  Beautiful golden colored thanks to o..
Butter (1/2 Pound)
The basis for the creamiest sauces and the lightest cakes, or simply the best thing you can sprea..
Cheddar- 60-Day Aged Jersey cow milk (1/2)
Made from fresh Jersey cow milk.  The cows are milked in the morning.  From that milk t..
Cheddar- Mild
Made from Fresh Jersey cow milk.  Pasteurized.  Pressed 48 hrs and air dried rind. ..
Cheddar- Mild Fresh Garlic and Basil
Pasteurized Cheddar from our fresh Jersey Cow milk.  Sold in wedges or by the round.  B..
Cheddar-60-Day Aged Milk Jersey  (Full Round - 3lbs)
Eggs-Pastured Brown Eggs (Dozen)
Great brown eggs from our free range, pastured chickens.  Our chickens are out in the pastur..
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Flint Hill FARMSHARE---  2017
     Dairy Farm Share--special pricing for prepayment per share for standa..
Gift Certificate- Cheese Class for AM Mozzarella
Come learn how to make Cheddar; mozzarella or chevre with us!  AM/ PM sessions  $80 per..
Goat Cheese (Chevre)
Please specify plain or herb. Herb choices vary by season. Call for special orders or herb choice..
Raw cow milk from our Jersey Cows.  We are a Certified Raw milk dairy and adhere to all the ..
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Mozzarella- Cow milk
7 hour hand stretched cow milk mozzarella made from active cultures!  YUMM!  This i..