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 Cream Cheese-Tangy
Soft, spreadable cream cheese with GREAT tangy taste!  Made from our Cow yogurt.  Mix i..
 Cream- Fresh Cow Top
Cream from the top of the tank prior to making cheese!  Beautiful golden colored thanks to o..
Butter (1/2 Pound)
The basis for the creamiest sauces and the lightest cakes, or simply the best thing you can sprea..
Cheddar- 60-Day Aged Jersey cow milk (1/2)
Made from fresh Jersey cow milk.  The cows are milked in the morning.  From that milk t..
Cheddar- Mild
Made from Fresh Jersey cow milk.  Pasteurized.  Pressed 48 hrs and air dried rind. ..
Cheddar- Mild Fresh Garlic and Basil
Pasteurized Cheddar from our fresh Jersey Cow milk.  Sold in wedges or by the round.  B..
Cheddar-60-Day Aged Milk Jersey  (Full Round - 3lbs)
Eggs-Pastured Brown Eggs (Dozen)
Great brown eggs from our free range, pastured chickens.  Our chickens are out in the pastur..
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Flint Hill FARMSHARE---  2017
     Dairy Farm Share--special pricing for prepayment per share for standa..
Gift Certificate- Cheese Class for AM Mozzarella
Come learn how to make Cheddar; mozzarella or chevre with us!  AM/ PM sessions  $80 per..
Goat Cheese (Chevre)
Please specify plain or herb. Herb choices vary by season. Call for special orders or herb choice..
Goat Milk Raw
All Natural Goat milk from our happy Alpine Goat herd.  Goats are milked twice a day.  ..
Raw cow milk from our Jersey Cows.  We are a Certified Raw milk dairy and adhere to all the ..
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Mozzarella- Cow milk
7 hour hand stretched cow milk mozzarella made from active cultures!  YUMM!  This i..