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Gift item- Horse shoe Bookends
Hand constructed using our forge at Flint Hill. Orders being taken. Recycled horse shoe..
Gift item- Insulated Bag
Handy Insulated bag for your shopping pleasure!  Makes a great carrier for farmstore shoppin..
Gift item- Macrame Plant hanger
Fund raiser.  Handmade Macrame plant hanger to dress up your windows or porch.  Made by..
Gift- Hand Made Goat Milk Soap
These soaps are processed by using the milk from the goats using a process called "cold process" ..
Gift- Hand make horsehair earrings
These earrings are hand made and can be purchased in two colors. There is a choice of Sterling Si..
Gift-Custom shawl from our Romney Fleece/grey or white
YARN FROM OUR OWN ROMNEY SHEEP - knit here at Flint Hill Farm. Natural colors. Each one unique! ..
Gift-Horse Hair Braided Bracelets( by order only)
These bracelets are braided from horse hair. There are three options to choose from; double horse..